Better Broadband with South West Internet. Fast, reliable, far-reaching.

About SWI

Better broadband with SWI

Although we are young, founded in 2016, we bring together people with decades of experience in the Internet and networking.

We operate our own wired and wireless network across Dorset, Somerset and Devon, using our own equipment inside BT Exchanges. As a result we can provide you with a range of services and cost effective options not normally available from a small ISP.

Whether you want service for your rural holiday home or to ensure that you can retain tenants on a business park by having fast internet access, call us today on 01305 341414 to see how we can help.

Our size makes us incredibly agile whilst retaining the depth of knowledge and procedures required for a professional service. Our local presence means that we offer great customer service, we are happy to bump into our customers in the street, knowing that we always put our customers first.

The fact that we provide an end to end service means that you won’t be fobbed off with excuses  about suppliers, the people who sell you the products sit next to the people that install and fix them, not miles or continents apart.

Practical and affordable options for rural properties

We have a vast network covering three counties.

Standard installations provide download speeds of 30Mbps.

Cost-effective options for urban properties

Speeds up to 17MB

Speeds up to 80MB

Speeds up to 330MB