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Frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our service

Set up costs for 'normal installations' are usually covered by the voucher scheme currently being run by many county councils at the moment. If you do not qualify for a voucher, the basic cost of installation is £250 plus VAT. In remote installations, additional poles, trenching, re-routing of power etc tends to increase these costs, but we always try to keep costs to the minimum possible. If we cannot perform a basic installation or you want us to place equipment in a location we wouldn’t normally do so, we will discuss these costs up front in advance with you. On farms or other such premises, where several buildings may often be involved, farmers can use their own equipment / resources for some of these additional services, helping to drive costs down.
Most contracts have a minimum initial term of 12 months. Some of the more bespoke services have a longer minimum contract term, we will always make you aware of this before you commit to any service.
No. We have a basic monthly fee based on the speed you want. There are no other services or rental costs you must commit to. A basic installation has a set fee which we clearly publish up front. Many customers decide to have optional extras such as plug in wi-fi extenders to take the internet around the house. Our prices for these are stated on the order form and our engineers carry them in case you may need them. You are of course free to purchase your own should you prefer. If you exceed your data download limit for 2 consecutive months we reserve the right to automatically move you to the next tariff.
Service is delivered by fibre to a mast /relay and then via a long range wifi link to your property.
We provide a mix of wired and wireless solutions. For wireless we need to be able to ‘see’ you from our local relay site. We can give you an estimate of this when you contact us but with all wireless installations a site survey is necessary to confirm service, trees for example do not show on our mapping software and can have a disruptive effect on the service.
We provide some basic indication of coverage on our website but for a definitive answer contact us. There may be a few people in an area that we don’t currently serve that want coverage so if you let us know, we can focus our expansion plans in your area.
Yes, you should experience a service similar to wired broadband in a town centre.
We don't block anything or restrict usage other than speed and download in the product choice. People can use their own providers for other services should they wish and they can use their own routers or other equipment. We do however, have acceptable use terms, against the usual illegal etc behaviour. In essence, we provide you with a broadband service for you to use. If you use another providers services, including VoIP - they are responsible for quality issues with those services, e.g. call quality.
Yes, we have our own VoIP service, allowing you to keep your existing number and do away with your landline if you choose. Please contact us for more details on this service.
We restrict the upstream bandwidth to the limit defined in the product that you choose. If at survey time we cannot provide you with the full speed defined by the product you have chosen, we give you the choice to carry on with the service as planned, cancel with no cost or obligation or select a lower offering.
If you are a business we ask that you take out a business package. We do make an exception for holiday lets, where you can choose either the family package or any of the business tariffs. If the bill is made out to a business, then the chosen service must be a business one.
We won’t increase our prices for at least 12 months from when you take out the service. Even better if we reduce our prices or improve our offerings to new customers, existing customers will automatically benefit from this.
If you are receiving a wireless service from us, then yes, you need an aerial. We will use the smallest size aerial we can and the aerials are capable of being painted to camouflage and disguise them. Unlike some providers we don’t insist that you have a second aerial for relaying on to others. Some people choose to have additional aerials to serve other properties they wish to connect to, for example farm outbuildings.
We operate a network of wireless sites across the counties. We have large commercial relay sites and smaller local ones. Relay sites all have commercial contracts and receive a payment for this service, ensuring that you will always have service. We believe this is a fairer and more reliable solution than piggy backing one customers service from another.