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Terms and conditions

Wireless products: What’s included?

We will connect you to the wireless network we own and manage by installing a small aerial on the side of your property and running a cable down to an Ethernet router supplied by us. The aerial and router will belong to you once you (or where applicable a voucher attributed to you) have paid our set up fees. These two devices come with a 12 month manufacturer’s return to base warranty, which we can invoke on your behalf.

If you want us to place the aerial, cabling or router in a place other than of our choosing, we reserve the right to charge an additional installation fee.

If your property is harder to reach than most, we can in some circumstances mount aerials on poles or other buildings at any point on your property and then wirelessly transmit the signal to other parts of your property or connect up to Ethernet cabling you have buried or otherwise carried across your property to a location of your choosing. You will be responsible for the cost of any additional equipment and or ground works.

In all circumstances, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the relevant planning permission in place.

Notes on pricing and access

We can supply up to 1Gbps uncontended Internet Access using different technology, please contact us for more details.

We supply a basic router and aerial as part of our standard installation. If additional installation equipment and / or labour is required we will notify you of this once we have completed a site survey.

Business services include 1 static IP address. More may be requested if required and subject to meeting usage restrictions may be subject to a fee.

30 days cancellation notice required subject to meeting the minimum term.

All speeds quoted are maximum potential speeds, ie up to speeds. All speeds are dependant on signal quality and distance from our nearest Point of Presence.

Data Limits apply to upload and download, the cap will apply to whichever is the greater.

All orders are subject to a site survey.

All prices quoted assume payment by Standing Order. An additional £5 per month is charged for all non SO payments.

Overage of download limits 2 months running will result in being automatically moved to the next tariff.

Change up a plan whenever you want, change down once per year.

Full Terms and Conditions Available on request.


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